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Sign up fpr Captain Ron's Trout fishing classes at Lake Poway.

Click here for the Poway Classes web page. Go to the Trout Fishing page for details.

The third Crystal Pier Kids' Classic was a huge success. Click here for a Bloody Decks post with lots of pictures.

Pictures of the Crystal Pier Kids'
Classic are up.  Click here!

Past events:

Lake Poway Youth Fishing Derby 2008.

Lake Poway Youth Derby,
February 7th, 2009.

Crystal Pier Kids' Classic 2009,
August 22nd, 2009.

Lake Poway Youth Fishing Derby 2010.

Crystal Pier Kids'
Classic 2010

Poway youth fishing derby 2011
See the pictures!

Crystal Pier Kids' Classic 2011

Lake Poway Youth Fishing Derby 2012

4th annual Crystal Pier Kids' Classic.

Crystal Pier Kids' Classic 2013

Coming events:

The Crystal Pier Kids' Classic will be

Saturday, July 26th.

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News flash! On January 9th, Capt. Ron received a grant from the San Diego Fish and Wildlife
Advisory Committee to fund the 2009 Crystal Pier Classic on August 22, 2009.

Our thanks to the committee!
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Below are the sponsors who have supported Capt. Ron in his
Kid's Fishing efforts for over fourteen years.

Carolina Keepers
F/V Premier
F/V Chubasco ll
Let's Talk Hook-up
Al Haynes
San Diego Fish and Wildlife
Advisory Committee
San Diego Sportfishing inc.
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Lakeside Optimists
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